How PatientCollect Works

PatientCollect provides all the features and tools you need to start billing patients and processing electronic payments quickly and easily. Accelerate your patient payments and get paid faster than the current paper methods of billing which require your patients to write checks and send payments by mail.

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Before payments can be processed, you will need to upload your patients data and their current bills.
Upload patient bills
Initial Patient notification will be on the paper statement. For enrolled patients this can be in the form of an email.
notify patient
Patients will then be able to access the portal, to either Enroll or Login. They will now be able to view their current bill.
access portal
Patients will be able to schedule a payment, enroll for a Payment Plan, or sign up for a Pre-Authorization.
schedule payment
After the payments have been processed, your staff can download online reports and files.
download reports
PatientCollect will then deposit settlement funds into your bank account a few days later.
funds deposit

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Patient Faces
  • Bill payments (Web, Phone and IVR)
  • Flexible payment options
  • Electronic patient statements
  • Secure messaging
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Patient Faces


HIMSS Medical Banking Gold Certification
PCI Level 1

HIMSS MB Gold Certification

The Gold Seal assures customers that they are receiving services that have been recognized as meeting the highest standards of data privacy and security compliance mandated under banking and healthcare regulations, including HIPAA.
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