Account Management
1. What is the minimum contract length for the PatientCollect service?
On the Monthly Billing plan there is no minimum contract length for PatientCollect. If you opt for the discounted Annual Billing plan, your contract will be for One Year.
2. How long does it take to set up a new Practice?
Typically, you can be accepting payments in a few weeks!
Once you have submitted your application, we will need to verify your Practice details, and you will need to supply documentary identification to verify the application is genuine, as well as select the customizations you want to make.
Once we have these we'll complete the set up and you can begin testing.
3. How much are the monthly fees?
Our rates and fees vary according to the size of your Practice, the version of PatientCollect you opt for and the Billing plan you select. Typically, these comprise a monthly subscription fee and ongoing processing fees. The Pricing Table gives you a breakdown of the product options and features, and pricing.
For larger Practices, those with special requirements, or some of the optional services there may be additional implementation fees.
4. Do you provide any performance or service guarantees?
Yes. If you are not completely happy at any point during your first year of service, we will refund 100% of your set-up fees.
5. How many users can I have on the system?
The Standard & Plus versions of PatientCollect support an unlimited number of Practice users, whereas PatientCollect Lite restricts you to just 3 Practice users.
6. How many providers can I have on the system?
PatientCollect supports an unlimited number of providers.
7. Can the application support different pricing for each provider?
No. PatientCollect's Pricing is standardized for your Practice to simplify the billing process. Each Provider would need to sign up for the service separately to receive different pricing.
8. Does the application support multiple locations?
Yes. The Standard & Premium versions of PatientCollect can be configured to support different locations and departments.
9. Does the application support email notifications and secure messaging?
Yes. The Standard & Premium versions of PatientCollect feature a HIPAA compliant messaging system that allows you to securely exchange electronic messages with your patients through the Patient Portal and also support email notifications.
10. Does the application support email notifications and secure messaging?
Yes. PatientCollect's ??? HIPAA ??? compliant messaging system allows you to securely exchange electronic messages with your patients through the Patient Portal and also supports email notifications.
11. How much does it cost to support electronic bill statement presentment?
If PatientCollect is storing the electronic bill statement images, you will be charged a fee as outlined in the Pricing Table. If PatientCollect is simply retrieving the images from an external image repository, electronic bill presentment is included in your monthly subscription fee.
12. Can we upload and manage documents in the application?
Yes. The Standard & Plus versions of PatientCollect feature a Document Repository, where you can maintain your own Practices' library of forms, policies, literature and resource materials to ensure your customers have access to the most up-to-date materials.
13. What credit cards do you accept?
PatientCollect supports all major card types - Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
14. Can you process electronic payments from bank accounts?
Yes. We can support electronic transactions from any checking or savings account issued by a US Financial Institution that accepts electronic transactions.
15. Do you support automated batch settlements?
Yes. PatientCollect automatically settles payment batches to your bank account. Additionally, Standard & Plus versions also produce payment posting files for import into your billing system.
16. How do I know if payment transaction has been returned?
PatientCollect offers comprehensive reporting, including a returned payments report and files that features error codes explaining why each one failed.
17. Are there charges for returned payment transactions?
Yes. PatientCollect charges for returned bank account transactions, and the fees for returned bank account payments are outlined in the Pricing Table. There may be additional fees charged for returned card account transactions.
18. Can I accept payments over the phone?
Yes. The Standard & Premium versions of PatientCollect support phone payments. You will be able to take one time payments and set up recurring payments by receiving verbal approval from your patient. Any credit card or bank account number can be used.
19. Can I use PatientCollect to offer my patients automated payments?
Yes. The Standard & Plus versions of PatientCollect support two options for automated payments. Using the Pre-Authorized Payments function, Patients can authorize the automatic payment of amounts owed to you between two dates, and set a payment limit to ensure over payments are not processed by mistake.
The Payment Plan function automatically structures the amount owed by the Patient into a series of fixed payments. You can set thresholds of amounts that must be owed before plans are offered, and also specify whether an installment fee is charged for each payment processed.
20. Can I accept payments online?
Absolutely! A key function of PatientCollect is the ability to accept payments online. Patients can make simple bill payments to you without needing to enroll, or can enroll for the Patient Portal where they can make payments, send you secure messages, and access documents at any time of the day.
21. Do I have to change banks?
No. PatientCollect will automatically deposit the funds for payments processed into your designated account with your current bank.
22. How can I review my payment transactions?
You can view past, current and pending payment transactions at any time using PatientCollect's comprehensive online reporting function. Payment Transaction data can then be easily downloaded for further review and analysis.
23. Can I reverse charges?
Yes, for card account funded transactions you will be able to initiate a refund of payments transactions processed in error. A future release of PatientCollect will enhance the system to allow you to refund any credit balances accrued by your Patients.
24. Can payments be posted directly into my accounting and/or Practice Management System?
Yes. The Standard & Plus versions of PatientCollect output Payment Transaction details in payment posting files that can then be imported into most systems.
Data Exchange
25. How do I import my Patient & Billing Data?
The Standard & Plus versions of PatientCollect support the import of Patient & Billing Data through a manual file upload (which can optionally be automated) of a simple .csv formatted file.
The same file is also used to advise you of any changes to Patient Data.
Resource Center
26. How do I train my staff?
PatientCollect provides training materials to assist you in training your staff. These include guides to the functions in the Patient Portal and the Provider Portal, as well as a training manual for the System Administration functions.


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