All rates shown below are for Card Not Present transactions through the PatientCollect system

Qualification Level/Item Fees
Visa/MC/Discover Check Cards 1.85%
Visa/MC/Discover Credit Cards 2.39%
Visa/MC/Discover Rewards Cards 2.54%
Visa/MC/Discover/American Express Auth Fees per item $0.25
American Express Rate 2.55%
Batch fee Waived
Monthly Fees Waived
Statement Fees Waived
Set up Fees Waived
AVS (Address Verification Service) per item Waived
PCI/Annual Fee Waived
Other Considerations
Funding Time Frame 24 hours (into Chase DDA)
48 hours if other
Customer Service 24 hrs/day
365 days/year
Additional Notes
Visa/MC/Discover Assessments Passed Through
Monthly "Minimum" Fee $25.00
The Monthly Minimum Charge is applied if and when the total Chase fees charged to merchant do not collectively equal $25 or more. For instance, if a merchant is billed $20 in fees for processing for the month, Chase will add in $5.00 additional to meet the $25.00 monthly minimum.
Other Fees All other fees charged by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Chase, etc... are fully disclosed during your Merchant Account sign up process. For instance, in many cases Visa, MasterCard, and Chase will charge fees in only certain situations, such as foreign or international cards, "Zero floor limit" fees, non-qual surcharges, etc.


HIMSS Medical Banking Gold Certification
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HIMSS MB Gold Certification

The Gold Seal assures customers that they are receiving services that have been recognized as meeting the highest standards of data privacy and security compliance mandated under banking and healthcare regulations, including HIPAA.
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